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There’s no doubt about it, marine construction is, to most people, a very niche industry that isn’t thought about very frequently. However, if you are a New York City resident or business owner with a property near the water, then it is quite likely that marine construction is something that occupies a lot of your time and mental capacity. After all, there are very few things in life more powerful than water, and if your residential or commercial property is in the proximity of a nearby water stream then you need to make sure that it is protected from whatever mother nature may throw at it!

At Dreamworks Contracting LLC, we take immense pride in the marine construction service that we provide for our residential and commercial clients in the New York City area. Having established a winning reputation for delivering real and lasting results for all our clients, we at Dreamworks Contracting LLC have quickly become one of the leading marine construction specialists in the New York City area.

Our areas of expertise include above and below-water construction, and repair and inspection services on all types of structures. With a large fleet of specialty marine equipment, we can operate in all types of bodies of water—from small lakes to great seas. So, if you want a marine construction like no other, then you need to get in touch with us at Dreamworks Contracting LLC today. We promise, you won’t regret it!

Three Things to Know About Seawall Construction

When it comes to marine and more specifically, seawall construction, it is important to remember that structures need to be both functional and esthetically pleasing. At Dreamworks Contracting LLC, we make sure that these two boxes are checked at all times. Our contemporary designs allow for seawalls that are both serviceable while also making an impression as a true integration into a waterfront property.

Given the many complexities that go into creating a seawall correctly, here are three benefits and points to consider before construction begins:

  • At Dreamworks Contracting LLC, we know that first and foremost a seawall needs to be functional. That is why we always make sure that we use materials like concrete, natural stone, vinyl and sometimes a combination of these materials for optimal results. In order to keep erosion to a minimum, while controlling moisture runoff, this acts as an effective drainage system.
  • Vinyl sheet piling is another way of bestowing great flexibility on your seawall. As well as empowering creativity and conforming to all relevant coastline irregularities, vinyl is also a very easy material to install. On top of that, it is also resistant to UV rays and is immune to many of the rot and corrosive elements that are the bane of other traditional materials.
  • Finally, wood seawalls have become increasingly popular in recent years and it is easy to see why. Wood seawalls are a cost-effective installation type and also look great.

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